Equity trading is the buying and selling of stocks of publicly-traded companies

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ST Global Markets gives you the power to choose the trading platform that suits your trading style. We offer powerful trading technology from DAS Trader or Sterling Trader depending on your transaction volume.
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Benefits of Equity trading

Historically High Returns

Historically, investments in stocks have provided an opportunity for one of the highest returns over a long-term investment horizon. Past performance is not an indicator of future profits or a Return On Investments.


You can diversify your investments across different industries, company sizes, and company location.

Dividend Income

You can potentially create passive income by receiving dividends from the companies you are invested in.


Buying shares of stock means you have an ownership stake in the company you are invested in. In some cases, you can even vote for things like leadership changes.

One of the most diverse
stock markets globally

The U.S. stock market provides a wide variety of opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

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